Spring Wildflowers in Healey Pass Are Impossibly Beautiful

Healey Pass is one of the greatest destinations out there for spring wildflowers here in the Canadian Rockies. Wildflowers are typically found throughout much of June and July in the higher elevation alpine, and sub alpine meadows. The wildflowers bloom at different times every year. Spring 2020 was unusually late. In some places, the wildflowers weren't in full bloom until the end of July. This series was capture during the second week of July 2020.


The Healey Pass hike is around twenty kilometres (round-trip). With a few photos breaks and lunch, this took me about four hours. If you enjoy the view during the spring, I can guarantee that you'll love the view in the fall. Autumn in Healey Pass is spectacular with the larches transitioning from green to golden yellow.

Read Hike Healey Pass in Autumn for Unbelievable Golden Larches

- Written by Ryan Richardson

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