Video content should be converting

It’s no secret that video content is the most powerful tool for marketers in 2022. But most marketers aren’t taking FULL advantage of just how powerful video CAN be. And the result of that is potentially devastating.

If you’re not using video in the ways we’re about to discuss, it’s entirely likely that you’re missing out on referrals, repeat business, and increased sales overall.

Let’s go beyond the obvious ways of implementing video in your business by discussing three ways to start utilizing video in your business to convert more leads and elevate your brand!

You're already using video like this...

Let’s assume you’re using video in all the obvious ways okay; you’ve got a hero video introducing your business. You’ve got another introducing your product or service. Then you have some regular video content updating your existing and future clients on your preferred social channels.

But what if you used it like this...

Reinforcement Videos

This is one of my favorite ways to utilize video. I call it the reinforcement video. Most people will decide within forty-eight hours of investing in your product or service whether or not they will ever do business with you again. That’s because of buyer’s remorse which is a natural occurrence that most buyers experience after buying most products. You have that dopamine high followed by a crash, then maybe guilt or regret.

One of the best things a business can do is to send your new client a video that reinforces their decision and reaffirms their certainty about making the right choice by investing in you or your business. Consider it from the client's perspective. Imagine committing to a service that just costs you or your business thousands of dollars. Then within twenty-four hours you receive a video from the owner of the company or the sales director etc., and they personally thank you for your business, and they reassure you that you’re now in good hands.

Next Step Explainer Videos

Video implementation idea #2 – Next steps. If your product or service involves any kind of process at all. Say if you’re a service-based business, or a coaching business, a personal trainer... there are probably next steps in your client's process, right? Business coach and author Donald Miller says this about your business process – “If you confuse you lose”. Pretty straight forward wouldn’t you agree? So how can we avoid confusion for our clients? Lay out your next steps in a video. Let’s pretend you’re a personal trainer and you require your new client to provide you with a list of their fitness goals, a physical assessment by their physician, and a current diet overview.

It’s critical that you acquire these three things before you can provide your services. Well rather than sending an email with low-tech text, make a video where you can maintain your client's enthusiasm in choosing you over your competition. Use this opportunity to thank them again for their business.

Explain what it is that you need them to do, and quickly explain why that is so they can understand how it’ll benefit from the tasks you require from them. It might seem like a waste of time but think about how much time you’re actually going to save by sending your clients an explainer video.

You will literally only have to explain your next steps or your process once! This means you don't have to have the same conversations with every new client that gets involved with your business. Is it fair to say it will make your requirements crystal clear for your clients? Then that’s a good enough reason to utilize video in this way. It’s just a bonus that it will save you a ton of time in the process!

Testimonial Videos

The third idea for fresh ways to use video in your business will undoubtedly increase your leads by instilling way more confidence and trust into your future clients. Every smart business is effectively using testimonials in their sales presentations and their website, right? But we know video is MUCH more effective at building trust and evoking emotion, don’t we? Then why wouldn’t you want to increase that opportunity to build trust and elicit emotion by combining your testimonials with the power of video?

It’s one thing for me to read about how John from AMC loved your business and services. However, it’s an entirely different thing for me to hear it from him directly. Isn’t it fair to say that TRUST, isn’t binary? It’s not just “do I trust you, or not?” it’s “HOW much do I trust you or your brand?”. Seeing John’s facial expressions, hearing his words, and comprehending his tone and conviction is way more genuine than just having his name or profile picture speak for him. A quick video testimonial is going to convince me much more effectively than text ever could.

Ask us what videos might be right for you.

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