Sometimes you have to do something extraordinary to affect change for something you believe in. When we learned about hydro development plans in Iceland's remote highlands region. We knew we had to create a narrative in hopes to help protect the wild region.

Using their existing set of skills for filmmaking and adventure, Hailey and Ryan planned to trek across the entire country of Iceland through the highlands. Capturing an experience few have ever done and none had ever captured like this.

The duo crowd-funded and sought support from outdoor industry sponsors and partners to make the expedition possible. Partnering with the Iceland's local not for profit organization to pressure local government to create a national park protecting the vast highlands region.

Ryan In Highlands Of Iceland During Crossing Iceland Expedition

Ryan In Highlands Of Iceland During Crossing Iceland Expedition

Completing the expedition was the tough part. It was really tough. However, it didn't mean anything if we couldn't raise awareness and create a stir among the outdoor community. Distribution, and sharing our experience, and the rarely seen nature in the highlands of Iceland was the next step.

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