Two ultra-endurance athletes attempt to run 2000 kilometres from the boarder of South Africa to the boarder of Angola through the oldest desert on earth, the Namib.

Setting Camp Northern Region, Namibia 2017

Trans Namibia athletes commissioned Life Outside Studio to capture, create, produce, and share multimedia assets from the field to expedition sponsors and partners.

Life Outside Studio would then remotely distribute media assets through a multitude of social media accounts, blogs, and websites.

Connecting students from around the globe to learn from the ultra endurance athlete's experiences in incredibly remote places of the Namib desert.

An expedition of this magnitude is only made possible by its' partners. In exchange for financial support from these partners, Life Outside Studio would create media content to be used by expedition partners and sponsors for commercial advertising and branded lifestyle content.

Trail Runner Magazine

We're not going to sugar coat it... It was a tough job. Seven weeks of shooting, editing, and uploading, and sharing content in 50°c heat. Exclusively satellite technology to communicate and distribute content from the remotest areas of continental Africa. 

International publications were impressed with our efforts. News and media outlets shared our expedition from the other side of the camera. People wanted to know how we got the job done when nobody else could.

"Life Outside Studio solved a problem for me that I've had since I began connecting students to my expeditions. Ryan looked after everything so we could focus on our goal to run across the country!" - Ray Zahab RCGS Explorer in Residence

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