Getting the Shot

Helping aspiring photographers learn from the pros

Getting the Shot is a 12 part web series where host and adventure filmmaker Ryan Richardson will deconstruct how industry leading photographers get their shots.     

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Exploring Ice Caves in Jasper Alberta for Getting The Shot 2020

Locations - (Covid-19 Update)

Due to travel restrictions around the world, we will be highlighting some of Canada's most scenic locations. Our locations include Tofino, Squamish, Kelowna, Revelstoke and more. As travel restrictions lift in the future, we will be releasing locations across mid-west and pacific northwest states.    


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The filming is live, our first episode was released in February. We will be releasing an episode every month until February 2021. 


Getting the Shot is about encouraging and equipping photography and outdoor enthusiasts with the inspiration and the tools they need to take their passion to the next level.


We will be collaborating and partnering with various pros from all over the Canada and the US who are passionate about their art and adventure in nature. However, we can't do this without our partners. We hope this series might encourage others to get outside, collaborate with others, and give them the confidence to dream big.   

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Presenting Partners

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We Can't Do This Without You


Exclusive Content

Increased Brand Awareness

Strategic Positioning with Industry Pros

Brand Logos

Product Placement

The success of our projects are impossible without you. That's why we go over the top in returning the favour. As our partner you will receive exclusive branded content including promotional photo and videos at each of our locations.

We will intentionally create product placement and brand awareness opportunities in each episode.

Every post, mention, blog, ad campaign, and public engagement made about Getting the Shot will also include our project partners.

How You Can Help


Pre-paid visa cards for fuel, motels, and rentals.


Sponsoring product that helps facilitate the filming, travel, and outdoor recreation needed to create Getting the Shot


Sponsoring services like travel, accommodations, and good

If you or your company can contribute to any of the listed above, we would love to chat with you.

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