Skiing Basecamp in Kluane NP, Yukon 2018

Mount Logan towers high above any other peak in all of Canada. The mountain also rests in one of Canada's most remote National Parks, Kluane.        

Untitled photo

We couldn't think of a better place to photograph lifestyle and adventure shots for Keen's new hiking boots.

Keen asked us to hike as much as possible and showcase some of Yukon's beautiful nature. 

  • Untitled photo
  • Hiking Above Carcross, Yukon 2018
  • Queen Marry Glacier in Kluane NP, Yukon 2018
  • Kluane Foothills in Yukon 2018
  • Untitled photo
  • Flying Above the Queen Marry Basecamp In Kluane NP, Yukon 2018 for Yukon Tourism
  • Paddling the Yukon River, Yukon 2018
  • Glacial River Veins in Kluane NP, Yukon 2018
  • Ski Plane Flying Over The World's Largest Non-polar Icefield In Kluane NP, Yukon 2018
  • Untitled photo
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