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Just because we work in the dirt doesn't mean we can't play in the clouds. Rimrock Resort is literally built on the side of a cliff in Banff National Park. The front of the resort appears hides its 9 floors in the side of the mountain. There are 9 floors in total, and 7 floors below the main lobby.         

"We were so impressed with Ryan and his team that we won’t think twice about bringing him back again to do another project. Not only was he professional and organized, but he helped us get a drone permit in Banff National Park. That is no easy task! The assets we received were top of the line in quality and the value we received from him and his team was bar none! We can’t wait to work with him again in the future!"

- The Rimrock Resort Hotel

The resort is rarely seen in it's entirety because of it's private location nestled in the side of Sulphur Mountain. The backside of the hotel boasts 9 stories that only a guest might see. The best way to capture the size and scale of the resort was by capturing video and still via a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle).

Establishing the scene and providing the viewer with a sense of scale and place among the wilderness was the chief priority. After successfully setting the scene among the Canadian Rockies, we focused on the details inside the resort that make the Rimrock a world class luxury resort. From the 5 diamond restaurant, to couples messages and cocktails by the fire place.     


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