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By Ryan Richardson / Life Outside Studio

Life Outside Studio is pleased to present this project proposal to DU/ER for the purpose of partnering in kind in a collaboration with Getting the Shot web series.

We are a small footprint media production company specializing in outdoor industry brands, high end resorts, world-class athletes, and tourism boards. Our experience can help you rest assured knowing that we don't just deliver, we over deliver.   

Episodes remaining: 8 episodes released monthly (loose schedule do to pandemic but as consistant as possible).

Each episode will be shared by the featured photographers. They will live on youtube and facebook and lifeoutsideonline.com  (click hyperlinks).

We will tag and hashtag DU/ER in all social posts about Getting the Shot. We will provide product links in our gear page on our blog lifeoutsideonline.com where readers can find our favourite DU/ER products.

Image usage is worldwide non-exclusive. Meaning DU/ER is permitted to use all images on any social platforms and for marketing purposes as desired. (tagging @ryanmichaelrichardson or Life Outside Studio when possible).

Images will be outdoor lifestyle and adventure themed with emphasis on the product being used in its' element. Each photo will be on brand and consistent with DU/ER's current marketing feel.



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Our Partner Promise

We create marketing materials that directly reflect your business' mission, vision, and identity. You will receive world-class professionalism on every step of the process, from conception to delivery.

Never have a marketing campaign fall flat again. Our deliverables will always be exciting, engaging, and fresh.



Included in every shoot is 10 publishable and unique photos. All of our photos are billboard quality and look great when enlarged. Don't worry, they're just as great in a blog or on your social feed too!


There's a lot of value jam packed into our series Getting the Shot. Ultimately, our goal is to empower people to get outside and create. This is something that I believe can transcend to all kinds of walks of life and add a lot of value to the DU/ER community. Writing a longer format article for the DU/ER blog would be a great way to engage with your targeted audience and help bring new eyes onto your website.


Giveaways are really effective at incentivizing new viewers to tune into our content for the first time. It's also a really effective way of getting new eyes on all of our social channels. In out experience this has always been a win-win for everyone involved!


We would request two outfits for our small team of two (total of 8 pieces - 2 pants + 2 jackets each).

We would request one outfit per featured guest on our web series (for a total of 8 pieces throughout the series).

We would also request the periodic giveaway, perhaps 2 to 3 pants over the course of the web series.

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