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JAR of Hope Everest Multimedia Production Proposal

By Ryan Richardson at Life Outside Studio

25th of April - 13th of March 2022 +/- (14 days of production)

Location - Katmandu, Nepal

Multimedia Production Costs Outlay

(Based off of 14 days of production)

Camera Operator - $2000 

Pre Production - $500

Post Production Documentory Editing - $1500

Equipment and rentals $350

Total Production Cost Outlay = $4350 USD

50% required for deposit to secure dates, camera operator and equipment.        

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- Short Documentory (specific length and edit optimized for film festival tours)

- Daily 60 second video cuts (19 total)

- 150 unique and publishable photos

- Tailored sponsor content (video and photo for the purpose of your sponsors' ideal usage)

- Marketing Strategy for multimedia content release post-expedition (we want JAR of Hope to have greatest possible return on investment). 

- Distribution with media partners and editorial magazines worldwide

- Educational storytelling and presentations with JAR of Hope Partners

- Includes all original and stock footage!

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The Goal

What's your metric for success on this project? Fundraising dollars and awareness. Our goal is to help you realize your goal. To create the strongest possible content that will literally convert views into dollars.

Everest basecamp is an epic effort. Yet it pales in comparison to the efforts put forth by children with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy on a daily basis. Our goal is to give your mission crystal clear communication so your audience completely appreciates your mission to save children suffering from Duchenne.     


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The Plan

How do you make a stranger care about someone they've never met, with a disease they've never heard of?

You paint a picture with story-telling that captivates and moves them. A picture that moves them to logically grasp the importance of the mission, and emotionally convicts them into giving to your cause. 

Our plan is to create a film so powerful that film festivals around the world praise the efforts of JAR of Hope. To tour the film across genres.

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What It Takes

There's no question this project will take a leap of of faith to pull off. I want to help you close that gap of faith as much as possible. Life Outside Studio has done projects just like this one over a dozen times. Every single one of them has achieved their goals. The clients and projects are always unique, but the goals are always the same. - to create powerful content that moves viewers into participating in your efforts.

Let us help you move your audience into taking action.

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