M2M Project Proposal

Ultra Running In Southern Utah During Grand to Grand Ultra 2019

By Ryan Richardson - Life Outside Studio

Life Outside Studio is pleased to present this project proposal to Mauna to Mauna Ultra for the purpose of photographing race participants so that the race can provide their participants with the option to purchase photo packages. 

Life Outside Studio has extensive experience shooting complex projects in the world's most challenging locations.

Our experience can help you rest assured knowing that your project's vision is in good hands.

Here's a list of our recent clients who would agree.


Remote and challenging shooting locations with lightening fast turnaround is what we do. Hailey and I have crafted efficient workflows that enable us to shoot tens of thousands of photos and organize them to be selected, edited and delivered at breakneck speed.

Mauna to Mauna Ultra may be a new race with new routes, however our systems as a team are tried and true. Our camera traps and shooting techniques for each shoot location and camp setting will ensure you get the shots you need to market Mauna to Mauna Ultra effectively, and ensures the participants get their once in a lifetime photo albums.     

We will require clear lines of direct communication, and appropriate transportation to give us the tools we need in order to deliver on our *partner promise* to Mauna to Mauna Ultra.


Our Partner Promise

Our Partner Promise We create marketing materials that directly reflect your business' mission, vision, and identity. You will receive world-class professionalism on every step of the process, from conception to delivery. Our deliverables will always be exciting, engaging, and fresh.

Trail Running Sedona, Arizona 2018


At a minimum, we guarantee 60 unique, diverse and dynamic photos for each individual participant. Every photo will be publishable quality.

700 event photos including landscapes, group shots, dinners, prep, camp life, creative, long exposure, low light, peak action, portraits, volunteers, camp crew and more.

Tagging key photos throughout the day will allow us to quickly and effectively have our favourite photos ready to publish the same day for social media posts.

Delivering with speed and efficiency at live events is our chief objective. Having photos ready for the awards ceremony as well as participant delivery is seem-less thanks to our tried and tested systems.         



Our ability to create a wide variety of interesting and compelling participant photos comes from our dynamic approach to capitalizing on a single location. We do this by using multiple cameras and shooters, we also utilize remote camera triggers, as well as drones for aerial photography. Capturing the participant within a location shooting tight detailed portraits, big landscape and "little person", unique angles from high and low, and creative shots for something fresh and different. This means we can capture at least 8 totally unique photos just from a single  "photo trap".


We have over 6 years experience in capturing, post-processing, and delivering from the field. Our systems have been refined and damn near perfected through trial and error. One person creates backups while the other imports meta data. One person makes selects and colour corrects while the other prepares more imports. Our approach to delivery is airtight and dialled. You get your photos faster so you can keep your network engaged online while the race is happening.

Camp in Central Namibia During Trans Namibia Expedition 2017

Costs and Considerations

International Travel door to door ($900USD/person) - Estimate

Accommodations (Nights in Hawaii before/after race) $150/night - Estimate

Food (before/after race) $40/person per day

Typically photo packages managed and captured by Life Outside Studio are paid in full to photographers (100% commission). The photo packages cover the cost of the 600 event photos to be used by Mauna to Mauna Ultra as marketing assets for future events.

(this is typical of events like this however we're happy to discuss existing infrastructure or other payment arrangements).

The Result

You get a fresh deck of 600 photos that you're proud to share among your existing network, and market to new prospects. 

Your photos will highlight the beautiful locations you carefully scouted, the volunteers you handpicked, and the complex coordination it takes to pull it all off.

Allow us to set a new standard of race event photos with you.

Terms & Conditions

Life Outside Studio requires a deposit ($1500.00) to secure your dates. This deposit will be either returned upon completion of the project or included in overall costs dependant on payment agreement. This deposit is non-refundable, if the Mauna to Mauna Ultra 2020 is canceled for any reasons including weather, travel, public safety, then this deposit can be used to secure another event at a later date.       

Life Outside Studio requires support from Mauna to Mauna to encourage participants to purchase photo packages (example: emailing participant list). Including having the option for photos communicated to the participants upon arrival at sign up.                      

Next Steps

Let's get in touch and chat about project details. As soon the dates are secured we will begin pre-production and you can rest easy knowing you won't have to worry about getting quality event photos.


  • Trail Running In The Purcell Mountains of British Columbia for CMH Heli 2019
  • Monument Valley Butte, Southern Utah 2018
  • Kluane Foothills in Yukon 2018
  • Rest Stop in Central Namibia 2017
  • Setting Camp Northern Region, Namibia 2017

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