Rimrock Resort Hotel Proposal

By Ryan Richardson / Life Outside Studio

Life Outside Studio is pleased to present this project proposal to Rimrock Resort Hotels for the purpose of shooting and editing promotional videos and photographs to be used as marketing assets by Rimrock Resort Hotel.    

Life Outside Studio has experience shooting small footprint productions for physical businesses, resorts, and tourism boards around the world.

Our experience can help you rest assured knowing that your project's vision is in good hands.

Here's a list of our recent clients.

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Our Partner Promise

We create marketing materials that directly reflect your business' mission, vision, and identity. You will receive world-class professionalism on every step of the process, from conception to delivery. Never have a marketing campaign fall flat again. Our deliverables will always be exciting, engaging, and fresh.


Photos x50

Photos will have an emphasis on Christmas details. Creative shots invoking a sense of warm festive and inviting wanderlust. All of our photos are billboard quality and look great when enlarged.

Videos x5

1-2 minute promotional video. This will highlight Rimrock Resort's Christmas festivities, decorations and general Christmas cheer. We will include cinematic B roll of Christmas decor throughout the resort. The objective of this video is to build a visual story around a families' guest experience while staying at the Rimrock Resort for Christmas.

2x 15-30 second promo videos. These shorter videos are more consumable and sharable on Facebook and Instagram. One shorter video will highlight the experience of skating on Rimrock's outdoor rink. The other will highlight the outdoor experience around the fire pit.

2x 6 second ad videos. These videos include a few of our favourite shots from our shoot, your company branding and a call to action. These short videos are exclusively for advertising purposes and work great on Facebook and Instagram ads.

Date and Day Structure

December 27th is our first choice and the 28th is our rain-check date. However weather is a factor and we promise to be as flexible as possible to work around optimal weather and natural daylight. 

Our objective is to create the greatest possible product for Rimrock Resort Hotel. One of the ways we ensure this is by scheduling our shoots and locations based off of ideal environmental lighting opportunities. Ultimately, lighting is the principle factor to creating high quality visuals. This means we will organize our shooting in the early morning hours, and late afternoon and evening.

Costs and Considerations

Our costs based off of the agreed upon deliverables will be $2,000.00. This does not include post production costs beyond the first set of deliverables, and the first set of complimentary revisions. Post production work beyond the first set of revisions will cost $100/h. 

This is almost always avoided with thorough pre-production and story boarding.

Booking, Securing Dates and Legal

Please provide deposit to secure December 27, 2021 for project date. This also secures the 28th of December as a fall-back date. The deposit is 50% of the project total ($1,000). The remaining production fee ($1,000) will be due within 30 days of the production (26th or 27th of January)

Preferred payment methods: 

By mail: 1104-706 15th Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2R0R7

Paypal: info@lifeoutsidestudio.com

E-transfer: info@lifeoutsidestudio.com

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