Documentory / Journalism Photography and Filmmaking

Having media along on your expedition can be a drag. I mean it can literally slow you down. Usually. However, we pride ourselves on putting the mission first and capturing the product of your dreams without slowing down the group or your efforts. Being able to stay ahead of the curve on large scale projects and expeditions comes from experience. We have more experience in this field than anyone else on this side of the country.              

Mountain Running the Bugaboos, British Columbia 2019 for CMH Heli Shoot

Commercial / Advertising / Promo Photography and Video

When it comes right down to it, media exists to simply promote products or service. We lay awake dreaming of fresh and exciting ways to create story telling images and videos. Our content will have your customer pulling the trigger on that coveted "buy now" button.         

Running Grand

Event Coverage Photography and Video

Not every event is at the rim of the Grand Canyon or the Namib desert in Africa. If it is, we've been the before and we're stoked to go back with you. We're also just as happy to cover events at your yoga studio or local brewhouse. We'll make sure your event in one that you and your customers never forget.

Untitled photo

Social Media Management

We've made careers out of creating media content, along the way we've found our clients also need a helping hand in managing it! We manage social media accounts for more than half of our clients that we shoot for, saving them tons of time.       

Mixed Climbing the Niagara Escarpment in Southern Ontario 2019

Portrait Sessions

There's a million different reasons an athlete or aspiring athlete might need professional media assets. Maybe you're building an engaged audience online, growing your blog, or delivering some epic photos to your soon to be sponsors. Whatever it is, to look like a pro, you have to hire a pro.             

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Our experience in the field is only useful for someone looking to hire us. That is unless, we share our knowledge with other creatives who are serious about outdoor photography and filmmaking. We offer 1 on 1 as well as group lessons by request.

Photo Tours

We've traveled to world's most remote regions in search of epic imagery. It's our privilege to share these places and their culture with likeminded creatives with an appetite for adventure.

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