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We use photos and film to tell powerful stories that trigger raw emotions to inspire and encourage actionable change for our planet.

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Ryan Richardson - Co-Founder and Creative Director


Hailey Playfair - Co-Founder and Filmmaker


Life Outside Studio is a photography and filmmaking production company who’s only objective is to help promote conscious outdoor lifestyle and conservation initiatives.

Life Outside Studio is proud to work with individuals and brands who have the well being of our planet in mind. After our first trip to The Rocky Mountains of Canada, our lives were immediately changed forever. The rejuvenation that we felt from nature instantly lit a fire in us. Since then, we’ve strive to inspire others to immerse themselves in the outdoors and encourage everyone to protect the few truly wild places left on earth. We profoundly believe when people spend time in nature, they fall in love with it, and people protect what they love. We want to inspire everyone to live an adventure filled life outside, so that everyone might learn to respect nature and do their part in protecting it.

Life Outside Studio partners with, and collaborates exclusively with people and brands who share the same enthusiasm for a well balanced life outside, and fight for the protection of this planet’s wild places.




"Life outside studio has been a solution to an ongoing problem... How to connect an international audience to an unfolding story... a story captured, and told, from the most extreme, and remote regions on earth, and shared to inspire, empower, and educate students around the world."  
                                                                      -Adventurer, Ray zahab
Explorer in residence RCGS and founder of not for profit i2p