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Life Outside Studio is in the business of storytelling. We travel to the most far out there places to tell your brand’s story and deliver an impactful message to your consumers. Touching on emotion, we create sharable content that leaves your audience in ‘awe’ and feeling connected to your brand.




Jim Raffone is legitimately running for his son’s life. Jim is a determined father who doesn’t let the idea of ‘impossible’ stop him. Utilizing organized stage races and marathons, James sees these challenging objectives as a platform to bring awareness to his son’s incurable disease, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. DMD will eventually take his son, Jamesy’s life by the time he is in his early twenties. Jim created JAR of Hope to give Jamesy and thousands just like him the chance to beat DMD. JAR of Hope is recognized in the international trail racing scene, encouraging runners from all over the globe to fundraise to be a part of the JAR of Hope team.


story Idea #2- legitimizing trail running


James Madden is writing trail running history. James is bridging the gap between ‘Mountain Running and Mountaineering’. Sitting on the ACMG board of directors, James actively participates in the progression of the guiding industry. The ACMG sets and maintains the standards for admission to, and the practice of, the professions of mountain guiding, hiking guiding and climbing instruction. All thanks to James, for the first time in history, the ACMG will be recognizing trail running and including it as a guiding certification.


example execution



1 x short film (7-15 minutes) with strategic Altra product and brand placement.

2 x promotional videos to support primary film



25 x promotional imagery shot in tandem with film

10 x behind the scenes images from the project



Film will be formatted for both social and commercial usage

Images will include commercial licenses and will be suitable for both digital and print

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