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About us



It’s not just a phrase that we decided to put on a t-shirt, it is a mindset that we choose to run our business with. We take your wildest ideas and turn them into a reality for all to see. Some say we’re crazy, we say we do what it takes to get the job done. Whether we are in the Arctic fighting the strong North-Atlantic winds, or in the middle of the Namib Desert attempting to avoid being trampled by a herd of elephants, it’s our passion for storytelling and the authenticity of human connection with the outdoors that keeps us going.

Our unique vision of the outdoors and exploring its’ wilds has earned us the privilege of working with clients like Discovery Channel, Canadian Geographic, Garmin, Arc’teryx, Ottawa Tourism, Yukon Tourism, Rudy Project, Rudy Project NA, Network Innovations, OURA, Running Room, KEEN, and Osprey.

Life Outside Studio and its’ photographers have been featured in National Geographic Landscape, Canadian Geographic Travel, Iceland Air Magazine, Trail Runner Magazine, The Outdoor Journal Magazine, Canada Tourism, HelloBC, Travel Alberta, National Capitol Commission, Northern British Columbia, and 




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Our Mission is to inspire not just creatives and not just adventurers to get outside, but everybody. We believe that when people experience the outdoors, the better the chances are those people will feel convicted to protect the outdoors.

Sustainability is the mission.



Life Outside Studio is a multimedia production company specializing in all things outside.

You're looking for something out of the norm, content is cheap, but if authenticity is your goal... We can help with that.

How you ask?

Our experience for starters! We've worked with some of the toughest athletes, biggest outdoor brands, and pulled off massive marketing campaigns... and we've done it all from little points on a map that most people have never heard of. 

Video production


From concept, to execution. Pre-production, shooting, post, and delivery, we make the entire process as seamless as possible. - Our competitive advantage isn't just what we deliver... It's how it's delivered. 



Our photography team works in tandem with our video production team. Having photo continuity on a video production assignment is paramount. 

As for straight up photo commissions, we specialize in outdoor lifestyle, branded content, and advertising.

Personal relations management


Ever have something really important to say, but you can't find the "right" words to say it? -We have a team for that!