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Iceland Highland Project 


The Highlands of Iceland cover 40,000 km2 of wilderness. It’s one largest territories in Europe. The Highlands have never been inhabited or developed. The region is considered to be one of Europe’s last ‘true’ wilderness. It is currently being threatened by Hydro development. The proposed Hyrdo construction includes the instalment of dams, power lines running through the central highlands, and paved maintenance roads.

Why the Iceland Highlands?

Glad you asked. Iceland is home to the world’s most diverse ecosystem. Its’ dynamic landscape is unlike any other wilderness in the world. It is impossible to emulate its’ unique biodiversity and geology in any other environment. Wilderness around the world is being threatened by human development. Iceland is special because once it’s gone. It’s the last of its’ kind. It will be one of the last nails in the coffin for the wild places left around the world.

The Highlands National Park Initiative  


The Highlands National Park initiative is attempting to establish a National Park to protect the entire Highlands area, all 40,000 km2 of it. With imminent threat of development from hydro companies, the National Park Initiative needs help spreading awareness and support locally and globally.

Our Goal 


Ryan Richardson and Hailey Playfair are attempting backpack across the entire country of Iceland through the Highlands (approximately 450+ kilometres) over the course of 10-15 days. They will be hiking nearly a marathon’s distance every day. The professional film/photo duo will document their entire journey through one of Europe’s last great wilderness.

Ryan and Hailey will create an immersive film experience of their journey and their surroundings as they pass through one of the world’s most remote regions. Leveraging the power of film and the national and international reach of their network and their partners. The duo will transport viewers into this otherworldly environment and share the importance of the protection and conservation of this region.

 About Us


With our work as outdoor filmmakers and photographers, we have been fortunate to travel to many of the world’s wilderness areas. We can undoubtably say that Iceland’s Highlands are the most diverse, and the most unique of all. It’s because of that, that we are so passionate about doing everything that we can to help protect the impossible beauty of the Highlands.

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 Help Protect Iceland’s Highlands



The #1 way you can help is to share our posts and engage with our expedition. Share with your friends, family, colleagues. Engage with us on our posts, tag friends, and help spread the word.

Sign the Petition

Help push the initiative from an idea into action. Sign the petition and help protect the highlands.


Donate to our mission here. Our expedition takes place July 2019, we need to raise our funds by June. Our goal is to fundraise $3,900 CAD. We believe this is the lowest most cost effective, yet high impact total to accomplish our goal. To create this documentory and to cross the highlands.

Our Partners