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 MEC Racing Project Proposal

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Life Outside Studio specializes in photographing and filming endurance events. We create sharable content that your participants will be stoked to share with their network. Not only is the content sharable, it’s publishable too. That means you’re not limited by it’s usage. You’ll be using this media for anything from your E-mail marketing, in-store ads, printed ads in our favourite running magazines, to billboards on HWY 1!

 A Day in the Life

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 On any given day/event we will provide a minimum of 25 promotional selects that we believe highlight your event. The 25 promotional selects will be diverse and tell the entire story of your day’s event. Our images will depict exactly what it was like to be there, and make sure that whoever wasn’t there will have “fear of missing out” the next time you organize your race.

Why we don’t include all of our photos in our deliverables - MEC is a high quality brand. We deliver only the strongest possible images. If we don’t stand by an image 1000%, it’ll never see the light of day.

Deliverables Include:

25 promotional select images minimum

4+ unique individual participant photos for every single runner

Unlimited commercial licenses covering all of your future ad needs

 The Costs

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Each project is unique and our prices are fluid. We believe in long term relationships with our clients and our flexibility reflects that.

Half day - Photos only - Including 2 shooters: $500 CAD

Full day - Photos Only - including 2 shooters: $750 CAD

Half day - Video + Photos - Including 2 shooters: $800 CAD

Full day - Video + Photos - Including 2 shooters: $1500 CAD

**Video editing: $100 CAD/Hour (2 hours editing per recap or promo video including 1 revision).

Learn more about our existing clients, and what they have to say about our projects together here.


Thank you for your consideration. We hope to work with you soon!