Our Goal

Ryan Richardson and Hailey Playfair are attempting backpack across the entire country of Iceland through the entire Highlands (approximately 450+ kilometres) over the course of 25-30 days. The professional film/photo duo will document their entire journey through one of Europe’s last great wilderness.

Ryan and Hailey will be filming a short documentary to support the Highland National Park infinitive. The mission is to create awareness through motion, stills, and media. To raise awareness with the help of media partners. To get as many signatures as possible. To assist in the fund-raising of the National Park initiative.

A high quality documentary will shine a light on the fragility of the highlands ecosystem, and why it needs to be protected. No other form of media has such a successful call-to-action. There is no better way to experience an environment than under the power of your own two feet. To tell this story, Ryan and Hailey will immerse themselves completely into it.