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Partners help us achieve the extraordinary


Life Outside Studio has filmed and photographed in some of the most remote and inaccessible places on the planet. From the Skelton Coast in Africa, to Interior Alaska, northern Canada, the highlands of Iceland, and the Norwegian arctic.

Our partners have provided the capacity and ability to achieve the extraordinary, and are not just sponsors… but teammates.

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Sample media of existing partnerships.


How this media looks in real world application.



 VIP Access

Our partners are extremely important if we hope to achieve our objectives of inspiring others to get outside, and invoke actionable change for the betterment our planet’s wild places. That’s why we share all of our products with partners. What’s ours, is yours!

Products included in all partnerships. 

We’re photographers, our flagship products are our high quality commercial photographs. Product specific photos, captured during real world expeditions

  • 35 publishable photos quarterly - Valued at $24000

  • License usages for all your advertising needs - Valued at $25000

  • Product placement on video productions (90% of our work includes some element of video) - starting at $1500

  • We will provide 1 blog post quarterly on lifeoutsideonline.com - valued at $6000

    Total value included in partnership package = $56500 annually

    *All rates are based off of our commercial working model for commercial clients. Our commercial clients range from tourism boards, outdoor brands, ad agencies, airlines and more.

 Life Outside Online


Life Outside Online Community.

Over the years we have explored beautiful places, met fascinating people, and heard extraordinary tales. Instead of caching all of these experiences for ourselves, we have intentionally shared everything with a large audience of engaging readers. Our blog is young, however it is rapidly growing. In just 3 short months we have tripled viewership averaging 1000+ visits a month. Our goal with sharing these experiences is to help empower, inspire and prepare other outdoor enthusiasts to continue #smashingboundaries and get outside to explore consciously, and become stewards of the outdoors.

In our blog at lifeoutsideonline.com we share comprehensive “how to” tutorials with video, images, and written word. We also cover extensive gear reviews from real world expeditions.

Los Números

*3 short months of performance from lifeoutsideonline.com

*3 short months of performance from lifeoutsideonline.com

What we need from you.

We rely on our partners’ support so that we can donate time and footage for philanthropic and conservation efforts globally. We offer our media services at the lowest possible rates for these not-for-profits, or donate our time entirely such as I2P, Highlands NP and others.

Partnerships are extremely involved. Because of this involvement and the high standard of quality we provide for our clients, and partners alike, we have to be extremely intentional with our relationships.

Specific asks will vary from partner to partner, however here are some universal asks.

  • Cross promoting on social channels, web, blogs, physical marketing campaigns etc.

  • All available products necessary to carry out our assignments

  • Favour on additional internal commercial media projects involving photo and video beyond the scope of the partnership

  • Support on a project to project basis such as providing additional goods or services when needed

 Let’s do this thing!

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