Who is Life Outside Studio?

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Hey there, thanks for stopping by! We are Hailey and Ryan, co-owners of Life Outside Studio, a small footprint media production company. We travel to the globe’s most far out there places to tell the stories of inspiring human beings and their interaction with nature. Not only do we get to capture the incredible journeys of people pushing the limits of the human body, we also get to be active participants. Whether it’s long distance running, climbing mountains, or making the world a better place, you will always find us participating alongside our subject to get the shot. 

We are incredibly passionate about two things, wild spaces and human beings. All of the projects we take on involve bridge the two. Capturing runners attempting to save lives from incurable diseases, passion projects such as protecting our planet’s dwindling wilderness areas, and working with elite athletes conquering unimaginable feats.

Whether it’s our subjects’ missions or our own, we are proud to create work that invokes both adventure and conservation in our viewers

In order to continue producing this type of work…

We need your help!

Why Do We Need Your Help?

Partners play a critical role in our ability to take on adventure and conservation projects. Without the support from our partners, projects such as protecting Iceland’s Highlands would not have been able to come to fruition. It would be impossible to do this kind of work without partners like you. We seek partnership from companies that share our values and have our planet’s interests at heart. We partner with those who care about the great outdoors, want to see humans succeed, and value strong media.


CTV Kitchener’s Zayn Jinah interviews Ryan Richardson and Hailey Playfair about their trek across Iceland.

What’s in it for you?

We take our partners around the world with us. We bring our partners into the field with us and shoot exclusive content for them to use for marketing materials. We give our partners access to the Earth’s most remote locations and create badass campaigns with their products. We go above and beyond for our partners and always ensure they are receiving equal or more value for their contributions. When we are home, we are located in the Canadian Rockies so that means the possibilities are endless for media creation. As our partner, you will have us feeding you more content than you will know what to do with.